Jared Manninen's Intro to Classic XC Skiing Video Series 

Jared Manninen is a certified Professional Ski Instructor of America (PSIA) in cross country skiing.   He works and lives near South Lake Tahoe, California.   For more about Jared and how to support him, please visit www.tahoetrailguide.com 

Part 1: Characteristics of Classic Cross-Country Skis

Part 2: Learning to Move Forward by Pushing Off 

Part 3: Learning to Transfer Your Weight and Glide 

Part 4: Basic Techniques for Cross-Country Skiing Downhill 

Part 5: Agility Drills for Classic Cross-Country Skiing 

Part 6: Using Your XC Ski Poles While Diagonal Striding and Herringbone 

Part 7: Double Poling Technique for Cross-Country Skiing 

Standing Up After Falling Down