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General Information on Ski Tours 

Looking for someone to cross country ski with?  

The heart of Cayuga Nordic Ski Club (CNSC) is our ski tours.   Ski touring can either be skiing on un-groomed or groomed trails.    Depending on your preference and the trail conditions, one can either ski classic style or skate ski.   

You do not need to be a member of CNSC to participate in our ski tours.   We welcome guests on our tours - and hope you will join the club.    

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Interested in leading a ski tour this winter? 

Do you have a favorite place you like to ski?  Do you like to ski with others? Do you like to share your favorite ski trails?  Please consider leading  or co- leading a ski tour.    

You can lead a tour on any day of the week - weekdays and/or weekends.   Choose a day and time that works for you.    Tours can be 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours depending on your schedule.    Be aware of daylight hours when choosing a time for the tour.     You do not need to be an experienced skier to lead a tour - if you have some experience in cross country skiing, we encourage you to lead a tour.   

Not sure where to lead a tour?   We suggest posting that question on our Google Group or our private Facebook group if you need help in making that decision.    You can also offer a popular tour called "Chase the Snow Ski Tour" and make a decision on where as the date gets closer.      

Chase the Snow Ski Tours 

Chase the Snow Ski Tours are typically held on Saturdays.    The destination of the ski tour is up to the Tour Leader and of course, is dependent on trail conditions.    If you are interested in leading a Chase the Snow Ski Tour, you can wait to decide on the destination as late as Friday but we encourage Tour Leaders to make a tentative decision on your destination by Wednesday.    

To lead a Chase the Snow Ski Tour, all you need to do is send an email to the GoogleGroup Email List and provide the following details:  date of tour, meeting time at trailhead,  destination, Google Map link to destination,  approximate length of the tour (such as 1 - 2 hours), short trail descriptions (such as relatively flat, some hills, etc) and what kind of level of skier you feel this tour is suitable for (such as novice, intermediate, etc.).     If you would like skiers to let you know that they are coming, then please state that too. 

 Of course, if snow conditions do not cooperate, you can cancel or postpone the tour.   Should you need to cancel or postpone your tour,  we ask that you make that decision by 7 PM the day before by sending an email to the GoogleGroup Email List by 8 PM that night.   

Thank you very much for your interest in leading or co-leading a tour.    If you have any questions, email Jen Woltjen, CNSC Tour Coordinator at jenrunner2@gmail.com.  

Resources for Tour Leaders