Places to Ski

NOTE - Please check trail conditions in advance either by checking online (website, etc) or ask on our Google Group about current conditions.

Places to Ski Locally

Places to Ski Farther Away (Alphabetical not by Distance. Distance is from Ithaca)

Also check Trail Forks, you may need to change the Default Activity Type to Nordic Ski

Recommendations on Driving in Winter Conditions to Ski Places

  • When you use a mapping program, look at the map route especially for the Northern portion. Example: Google Maps says the shortest route to Mt Van Hoevenburg is up I-81 then at Watertown East on NY 3. But this takes you on the West side, then across the top, of the Tug Hill - lots of lake effect snow. Going to Rome then East on NY 8, or up I-88 to Albany then North, might be better routes.

  • Also expect cell phone no coverage zones - even around the Ithaca area. Backcountry SOS is an app that you can install on your phone for Text-to-911. Text, SMS - Small Message Service, requires lower power/less signal strength, and will often go through when a voice call will not.